Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum presents Chakaia Booker’s “Auspicious Behavior”

Déjà vu, (2016) Chakaia Booker

Déjà vu, (2016) Chakaia Booker
Reclaimed rubber tires and stainless steel

Hamilton, OH – Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum is proud to present internationally renowned artist Chakaia Booker’s two-part art exhibition “Auspicious Behavior.”

Join us for an opening reception at Pyramid Hill’s Ancient Sculpture Museum on June 14th from 5:30-7:30PM.
Free and open to the public.

‘Auspicious Behavior’ at Pyramid Hill really exists as a two-in-one art exhibit. This format highlights the broad scope of Chakaia Booker’s artistic practice. The outdoor component showcases eight, large-scale, and monumental sculptures by Booker. These immense sculptures will be on view throughout the park for a year, until May 2020.” says Executive Director Sean FitzGibbons. “Additionally, Pyramid Hill is thrilled to host an exhibit in our contemporary art gallery which features prints, drawings, sculptures, and one very impressively massive installation by Chakaia Booker.” This indoor exhibit will be on display from June 14th until August 31st.

Chakaia Booker is a prominent artist with an illustrious career. She is well-known for using reclaimed tires as a medium within her sculptures. She has shown widely in museums, galleries, and sculpture parks across the U.S. and internationally. Additionally, her work is featured in the permanent collections of the National Museum of Women in the Arts, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Brooklyn Museum, Storm King Art Center, and many more esteemed collections. She has lectured and taught both nationally and internationally at colleges, universities, museums, and galleries.

“The team at Pyramid Hill has been working toward bringing Chakaia Booker and her amazing art to the park for several years, and I have enjoyed being part of that effort” explains interim director Lee Sanders, “The graceful and powerful pieces that she creates from used tires are engaging; and they are important not only for the art but also for their environmental statement.”

Booker fuses ecological concerns with explorations of racial and economic difference, globalization, and gender by recycling discarded tires into complex assemblages. Booker began to integrate discarded construction materials into large, outdoor sculptures in the early 1990s. Tires resonate with her for their versatility and rich range of historical and cultural associations. Booker slices, twists, weaves, and rivets this medium into radically new forms and textures.

Pyramid Hill is looking forward to this new exhibit beginning June 14th, 2019. For additional questions, please contact us at or call at 1 (513) 868.1234.

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